Construction + Infrastructure

Bringing groundbreaking capabilities while eliminating risks and reducing errors, drones have made an immeasurable impact on the construction and infrastructure industry. Their popularity has risen so high that companies not utilizing these tools will ultimately fall behind industry standards. While the list of benefits brought by drones is extensive, some key advantages are:

  • Streamlined Industry Operations 
  • Significantly Safer Sights
  • Reduced Expenses
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Improved Data Collection & Accuracy
  • Enhanced Site Security & Surveillance

Standout Drone Solutions in the Industry


Modernize Each Process Performed with DJI

Harness the latest in drone technology with DJI. From streamlining surveying and 3D geospatial mapping to traffic management, safety inspection oversight and more, DJI’s drone solutions allow contractors to enhance every process performed on-site.

As some of the most popular drone solutions, the DJI Mavic 3E, Matrice 30T and Phantom 4 RTK bring worksites to the next level with advanced safety, accuracy and efficiency.

Wingtra’s Next Level Surveying + Safety Solutions

From planning to execution, Wingtra unlocks time and money-saving solutions for construction professionals at every project phase. Delivering fast and accurate surveying data with every flight, WingtraOne can quickly map large or unreachable areas for pre-built evaluation and improve turnaround times for surveying and construction, all while helping your team stay on track with budgets and timelines throughout the entire construction lifecycle.

Enhance worksite safety and eliminate survey and inspection-related risks with WingtraOne by capturing 3D views of sites with centimeter-level resolution and accuracy.

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Wispr’s Cutting-Edge Capabilities for Infrastructure Inspection

Capable of capturing the highest quality data possible with sufficient flight times of 25 minutes, the WISPR Ranger Pro Series provides powerful tools for infrastructure inspections.

This line of drones offers versatile payload options, including high-resolution cameras and extreme zoom capabilities. This versatility simplifies the process of capturing the necessary data for thorough tower infrastructure inspection and creating detailed 3D tower models using photogrammetry techniques.

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