Department of Public Safety

From safely pursuing suspects and collecting crime scene information to enhancing event security and disaster response, drones have reshaped the landscape of the safety industry. Improving operational and departmental efficiency while also elevating safety and reducing costs, drones deliver invaluable industry capabilities, including:

  • Improved Situational Awareness
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Real-time Crime Scene Investigation
  • Enhanced Search & Rescue Operations with Thermal Cameras
  • Increase Community & Officer Safety

Standout Drone Solutions in the Industry


DJI's Revolution in Public Safety: Elevating Efficiency and Safety

Drone technology is revolutionizing the world of public safety, with DJI leading the way. DJI’s drone solutions enhance the efficiency and quality of defending public safety, conducting criminal and road collision investigations, monitoring large-scale crowds, performing search and rescue and much more.

Drones like the DJI Mavic 3 Thermal, Matrice 350 RTK and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual equip professionals with superhuman capabilities like viewing without risk, seeing in the dark, flying over harsh terrain and reconstructing crime scenes. These critical tools allow law enforcement, firefighters and rescue services to act faster, safer, smarter and more efficiently than ever.

WISPR: Enhancing Situational Awareness, Safety & Cost Efficiency

WISPR's drone solutions cater to a diverse range of public safety agencies, offering real-time aerial views to first responders during incidents, enhancing the safety of law enforcement personnel and delivering vital information promptly. Additionally, WISPR’s cost-effective aerial surveillance and data collection capabilities provide valuable support, ensuring efficient operations for agencies at every level.

Both WISPR’s Ranger Pro and SkyScout drone solutions provide public safety professionals with innovative features like thermal imaging, sensors and cameras, rapid and accurate aerial imagery and 3D mapping technology.

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